Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Winter Adventure!

Beijing has cold, but dry winters, so there is very little snow. Nearby there is little snow park with a sledding hill and an ice area, which made for the perfect opportunity for a field trip! 

Hudson is ready for a fun day.

Sliding down the hill in inter-tubes was so much fun!

China has many different ways to play on ice, including this chair sleds! You propel yourself along with ice picks and as you can imagine it can be quite a workout!

Everyone loved having a chance to enjoy the snow and all of the fun that it brings!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sweet 'Brothers'

Right now our CCU has all boys. Emmanuel is the oldest, so he has quickly learned the role of big brother.

Emmanuel often helps the nannies with little tasks they need to do. He will throw away trash, pick up toys, and do other simple tasks.

But Emmanuel's favorite thing to do is to hold the babies.

He is such a sweet 'brother' and will gently hold Paul and Joshua and will often smoother them in kisses!

Paul and Joshua are pretty lucky to have a brother like Emmanuel!